A Culture is as sweet as its Language : Bengali Culture

Do you want to see one of the most artistic culture of India? Or Do you want to take a joy ride of one of the most culturally prosperous state of India. Then , my friend you have to come to Bengal(now West Bengal after the division).Bengal has its own charm & sweetness, because here people don’t celebrate only their festivals, they also celebrate their language, sports, politics, food, literature, films & theatres, music ,dance & every form of art which makes Bengali culture a little bit different from other respected cultures.

So, lets come & see this beautiful culture-

1) Festival- Whenever you talk about Bengal, first thing comes to your mind is Durga puja, the biggest festival of Bengal & one of the biggest festival of India. Durga puja is all about the celebration of the victory of Maa Durga over the demon Mahisasura. The five days of Durga puja, the roads are overcrowded by people to see pandals(a temporary shed),to eat street foods, to give adda(a place where people gather for conversation) with friends or relatives. People buy new clothes & accessories for only this special time of the year. Therefore, people celebrate here other festivals like Kali puja(during Diwali), Laxmi puja(Goddess of wealth),Raksha Bandhan & Bhai-dooj( Celebration of brother-sister like relationship) etc.

2) Traditional Dresses- Traditional dresses of this culture is dhoti-kurta for men & saree for women. But in this modern era ,Bengali men occasionally wear dhoti-kurta like in marriages or festivals otherwise they wear jeans, tshirts, shirts and Bengali women mostly wear saree but they also wear shalwar kameez, jeans, dresses with respective occasions.

3) Music-Dance-Art- Bengal gifted its two best form of music to the world=One is Baul song & another one is Rabindrasangeet. Baul-sangeet is a type folk song which includes someone’s powerful emotions towards God. The singer has his/her eyes closed completely lost in the moment while singing. There are 4 types of folk singing-Gombhira, Bhawaiya & kirtan etc . And Rabindrasangeet which was made by the genius Rabindranath Tagore. Therefore, other classical Indian music & rich variety of music are present here.

In dance chau dance is very famous where people wear huge colourful masks-dresses and dance. It is mostly famous in purulia(West Bengal).

Bengal is always considered as predecessor of modern contemporary art because such famous artist like Abanindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Gaganendranath tagore & Rabindranath tagore contr1ibuted their full life to art. Abanindranath Tagore established the Bengal School of Art to promote artistic styles out of the European influence. We also can see before modernisation there are several terracotta art,wall paintings were present. And in this modern era we see graffiti on walls, designing walls on clubs. So, here we see a combination of mix art of old & new era in Bengal.

4) Theatre ,Flims & literature- Amazing authors like Sharat Chandra chattopadhay, Rabindranath Tagore, kazi nazrul islam , Bankim Chandra Chattopadhay contributed not only on Bengali literature also contributed to world literature. Bengali authors have played a crucial role in modernising the Indian literature. Rbindranath Tagore became the first Nobel Prize winner from India for his excellence collection of pomes-Gitanjali. Therefore, Sukumar roy, Jibananda das, Sunil gangopadhay , Sayed Mustafa took the legacy of Bengali literature forward.

Bengal has its own film industry known as ‘Tollywood'.In this industry , many famous director worked who were appreciated not only nationally but also globally. In them some famous names are- Academy Award winning film director Satyajit Ray, Rituporno Ghosh, Aparna sen etc. Therefore, Bengali love to watch theaters, plays, jantra(a musical drama).

5) Sports & Food- Every Bengali loves two things most among all things , one is Food & 2nd one is sports.it is football or cricket does not matter every person from a young blood to old person everyone join the game enthusiastically. In a single word we can say that Bengali can’t live without sports.

And about food, a Bengali is known for fish first. In fish recipes there are many varieties like Prawn curry, Patori, Bhetki Bhapa, Ilish & so on. Therefore , they also love to eat meats, biriyani, mughlai items, chinese, thai & so on. Bengali are as sweet as their sweets. Every occasion of Bengal is incomplete without sweets. In sweets they have rosogolla, sandesh, pantua, chanar payesh & so on.

So, here is a brief tour of BENGAL. If you, my friend want to know more about Bengal & its culture , you should definitely come to Bengal. Bengal will welcome you with her both hands open widely like a mother welcomes her child.

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