Street foods are our all time favorite thing. When the question coming to Kolkata, then you can say Kolkata is the ocean of Street Foods. As every lane of Kolkata carries Testy street foods for all kind of people. Today we are going to explore some famous street food stall of Kolkata, and talk about the best street food in Kolkata.

Ghoogni Chat (Dacers Lane): Well, we are talking about best street food in Kolkata, then we should start with Ghoogni. Which is a famous street food in Kolkata as well as in Bengal. This best street food in Kolkata is available in every street of this city. But if you want to taste some different flavor of Ghoogni chat, then you should try it on Dacers Lane. This best street food in Kolkata will surely make your evening charming with a spicy flavor.

Tele Bhaja or Pakoda (Kalika Mukhorochok): This stall of pakodas at Kalika Mukhorochok is another best street food in Kolkata. For a great evening snacks with your friends and family you should definitely try this “Tele Bhaja” in collage street. Chop, Baguni, Chicken chop, Mutton Chop and many other snacks is will win your heart. If you want to try some unique and best street food then you should visit this place once.

Momo (Exide more): How can we miss momo when we are talking about best street food in Kolkata? We all loves momo. And have tasted various kinds of Momo in Kolkata. But have you tasted the momo of Exide more or Rabindra Sadan Metro station gate. You will definitely find a very different taste here. So, if you are a momo lover then surely try this best food in Kolkata, at Exide.

Kabiraji Cutlet (Mitra Café): Cutlets are the most favorite street food for all time. And the Kabiraji Cutlets of Kolkata in Mitra Cafe is very famous for their special taste. The crunchy layer if makes a Chicken or Mutton Cutlet makes it more tasty and specially in Mitra Cafe you will surely experience a different taste. In the list of Best street food in Kolkata, Kabiraji Cutlet of Mitra Cafe is a must recommended for all the food lovers.

Ghoti Gorom (Princep Ghat): Have you ever tried the awesome mixture of Chanachur, Onion, Lemon Juice with some little bit of spice. Then surely try this best street food in Kolkata, with the beauty of Ganga at Princep Ghat. This crunchy and spicy food will make your mood awesome in just some minutes. If you haven’t tried it yet, then definitely explore princep ghat with Ghoti Gorom – the best street food in Kolkata.

Sweet and Mishti Doi (Srihari Mistanna Bhandar): End of the day sweets are very important for making a day special. And in the list of best street food in Kolkata we cant miss Rasogolla, Sandesh and Mishti Doi. If you want to try some special sweets then Srihari Mistanna Bhandar is a great place for you guys. Here you will find various sweets, and specially the tasty Mishti doi with the flavor of Bengal. So, don’t miss this best street food in Kolkata. It’s really difficult to list all the best street food in Kolkata in just one article. As Kolkata holds tasty food in her every lane. So here we shortlisted some unique street food in Kolkata all the Food lovers. Definitely explore all of them to make a delicious day with the best street food in Kolkata.

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