Code name: 'The Mind'

I don't need a definition for i am who you have become. I have taken control over you, and you have given it to me, willingly.

People often call me the foundation of creativity, but alas! they don't understand the difference between creativity and possesion.

I am the founder of all your thoughts you have never thought of. I can make you laugh like a maniac and cry like a weeping child.

I can blur your vision with overthinking and fill your soul with extreme expectations.

I can make you plead for forgiveness and bleed of rejection.

I can make you see what's imaginary and unsee what's real.

I can make you taste the past, smell the future and forget the present.

I am the founder of all your problems. The maker of all your pain. I can melt you like butter and season you with anger.

I can demotivate you without saying a word. I can punish you without making a touch. I can make you fall in love and starve in lonliness . I can make you lose your self esteem, self respect, self worth and everything else you think matters.

I can leave you to cry for hours when everything seems fine.

I'll be the greatest help for your demise.

I can show you paradise

I can make you paralyse

What are you thinking?

Its me!

The 'You' you handed to me

The one you title as mature, creative, different to fulfill your desires.

I am the black magic you summoned yourself

The devil disguised as an Angel.

~Yours lovingly


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