COVID – 19 Vaccine in Kolkata.

In this blog we will get to know about Covid-19 vaccine registration in Kolkata and weather Covid-19 Vaccine is safe for us.

Hello friends, we all know that the year 2020 bring a dangerous virus that destroyed many of us. One name, COVID – 19 is enough for changing the world, into the field of curse.

But nothing is permanent in this world, if there is darkness, then there is light also. In 2021, COVID – 19 Vaccine can show us a way of life in this death-wood. We all knows that vaccine is ready now. But today we are going to talk about some facts, and will try to remove some misconception or rumors about COVID – 19 Vaccine.

Let’s keep an eye on some facts about COVID – 19 Vaccine.

So the national vaccination programme started in India from 16 January, 2021. And in this four months, 22 lakhs people fully vaccinated. People of India are vaccinating by two COVID – 19 Vaccine,


2. Covishield

What about COVAXIN ????

Well, COVAXIN is using as COVID – 19 Vaccine, which was invented by Bharat Biotech in the collaboration with Indian Council of Medical Research, National Institute of Virology. Which is 2 dose vaccination regimen given 28 day apart.

Now COVAXIN will cost 600/- for states and 1200/- for private. You can get this free from your nearest govt. COVID hospitals.

About Covishield

This is another COVID – 19 Vaccine that are using against COVID – 19 in India, which was invented by Serum Institute of India PVT. LTD. This is also a two dose vaccination regimen given 6-8 weeks apart.

It is also available free of cost in your nearest govt. COVID hospitals.

Are COVID – 19 Vaccines safe ???

Well, from here all the controversies about COVID – 19 Vaccine is has been started. That theses COVID – 19 vaccine are safe or not???? Should we take these vaccine???

So, according to the experts, both of the COVID – 19 vaccine claiming 60-70% accuracy for one year or six months. Taking of vaccine is very important for us to save ourselves from COVID – 19. But with the vaccine we also have to do some small things for our health.

· Before vaccination, consult with you regular doctor, to confirm that these COVID – 19 vaccine are safe for your body.

· After vaccination, you have to maintain all the COVID – 19 prevention, like wearing mask, using sanitizer or washing your hands. As you have to remember that vaccine will only help you in this fight, so you should not stop your fighting against COVID – 19.

· Complete the dose of COVID – 19 vaccine, which is very important.

· Do not panic or spread tension after vaccination.

· If you are facing any problem after vaccination, the contact your doctor ASAP.

The Novel Corona Virus or COVID – 19 has already destroyed half of our world. Everyday we are facing new lost. In this situation vaccination is the only ray of hope for us. So, do not panic to take COVID – 19 vaccine in time. And also don’t believe in any random news about COVID – 19 vaccine.

Another thing, I would like to say, spreading rumors and creating panic is not less than a crime. Life is already too hard, now don’t make it more confusing.


So, here I tried to remove some misconception about COVID – 19 vaccine. I hope this article will be helpful for you all guys. Take your COVID – 19 vaccine on time and definitely follow those given restrictions before and after vaccination. As COVID – 19 vaccines are only way to save our world.

Stay safe, be concern and maintain all the COVID – 19 prevention. Good days are not so far from us.

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Written by – Samriddha Das

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