Hello food lovers, today we are here with a delicious content. Have you ever tried all the famous food of Kolkata. Though there are limitless food in our Kolkata, but some of them are must tried. So let’s taste some famous food of Kolkata.

Kolkata Biriyani : We all loves Biriyani. But in Kolkata biriyani there are a special thing. Here you will get a delicious piece of potato, with spicy rice and juicy chicken or mutton. Among all the famous food of Kolkata, Biriyani is really heartwinning. So, if you are a biriyani lover, then must trythis famous food of Kolkata in Arsalan Restaurant, Tandoor House and more….

Phuchka : When we are talking about famous food of Kolkata, then how can we miss the famous street food Fuchka. Well, it also known as Golgappa or Panipuri. Kolkata phuchka has a very different test with the flavor of Bengal. For a delicious evening snacks you can try this famous food of Kolkata in different places. Like near Victoria Memorial, Jatin Das Metro Station, Princep Ghat and many more.

Chop : Another street food in famous food of Kolkata. A delicious dish of Bengali cuisine. For breakfast or for an evening snacks you should definitely try this famous food of Kolkata. Exide, Bhawanipur, and specially in some areas of north Kolkata you can taste this famous food of Kolkata.

Rashogullas : It will be a great mistake if you miss this famous and Sweet food of Kolkata. Yes, friends, I’m talking about Rashogullas, which achieved the GI tag. The soft and juicy sweet will give you a heavenly experience. You should definitely try this famous food of Kolkata from K.C Das, or any other sweet stall of Kolkata.

Mishti Doi : For all the food lovers and of course for the Sweet tooth persons, we are here with another delicious and famous food of Kolkata, which is Misthi Doi. Or you can say it sweet yogurt. But this is not a common sweet yogurt, because here you will find the flavor of Bengal. So, surely explore Bheem Nag or any other stalls for this special sweet yogurt, which is a must recommended famous food of Kolkata.

Jhalmuri : If you want some light snacks in the street of Kolkata the Jhalmuri is the most delicious thing in the famous food of Kolkata. The excellent mixture of Puffed Rice, nuts, oil, different spices and many more things can make your evening more charming in the Street of Kolkata. You should not miss this famous food of Kolkata. Enjoy this famous food of Kolkata with your friend or family and make your day awesome. If you are Bengali, then Kolkata is the heaven for the food lovers. So mentioning all the famous food of Kolkata is very difficult. So, here we shared a little bit of the list of famous food of Kolkata. It’s time for all the food lovers, explore all these famous food of Kolkata, and also try many other foods. And share us your opinion that what could be the next option in the list of famous food of Kolkata. Picture source : www.google.com www.instagram.com Written by : Samriddha Das.

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