Restaurants are the places, where can enjoy taste of foods with a comfortable atmosphere, where we can spend good times with our friends and family. And for food lover, restaurants are a place of love. We are talking about Kolkata, the city of joy, who carries a lot of good restaurants. In the name of food, some famous restaurants in Kolkata always comes in our mind. Have you visited all of them??? Let’s talk about some famous restaurant in Kolkata.

Tandoor House: If you want to enjoy some delicious food with great atmosphere in very reasonable budget the Tandoor House is the perfect place for you. This famous restaurant in Kolkata has some great food combo. Biriyani, mughlai, Chinese you can find all kind of food here. The sitting arrangements, the behavior of the stuffs are really heartwarming. Overall Tandoor House is the best place in the list of famous restaurants in Kolkata.

Koshe Kosha: Another famous restaurant in Kolkata is Koshe Kosha, which is famous for its very unique and delicious Bengali food. Some special dish of Bengal like, Dab Chingri, Sorshe Ilish, Kosha Mangsho, Mochar Ghonto are the highly recommended dish of this famous restaurants in Kolkata. If you want to enjoy a great day with the flavor of Bengal the surely visit this famous restaurants in Kolkata.

Bar-B-Q: Another famous restaurant in Kolkata, which is the favorite place for all the food lovers and specially for the non-veg lovers. You should definitely try those heavenly and special dishes like Devil’s Chicken, Hong Kong Chicken, Mutton Galauti Kabab and many more of this famous restaurant in Kolkata. So, don’t miss Bar-B-Q

Golbari: We all know this place for the famous Kosha Mangsho. The awesome and unique test of foods made this restaurant special and famous restaurant in Kolkata. So. If you are in Kolkata, then don’t miss this famous restaurant in Kolkata.

Arsalan: We are talking about famous restaurants in Kolkata, and how can we miss this famous restaurant in Kolkata?? Arsalan is the 1st priority for all the Biriyani lovers. Their Mughlai dishes are really heart winning. A polite behavior of the stuffs, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere with tasty food will really make your day special. So, don’t miss any chance to visit arsalan, the best restaurant among all the famous restaurants in Kolkata.

Here we shared about some famous restaurants in Kolkata, which places are very well known for their unique food and awesome atmosphere. This places will surely make your day charming and delicious. So, dear foodies, explore these famous restaurants in Kolkata, and enjoy your day in the city of joy.

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