' Greatest Show On Earth' and India is Falling.

The Greatest Show On Earth 'is a circus- related Hollywood movie directed by Cecil B.DeMille which won the

Academy Award For Best Picture Academy Award For Best Story

Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture

Golden Globe Award for Best Director Golden Globe Award for Cinematography in the year 1953.

Dan Rice's circus (1830s-1860s) was originally described as the greatest show on earth by an Arkansas(USA) paper.

India, just two decades ago,had 300 circuses. Now, our country has only about 10. The ban on the usage of wild animals and children impacted the business heavily. The circus authorities had to dismiss many children acts and had to terminate kids from working in the big ring.

" When the occupation was sailing smoothly,it collected over Rs.4 Lacs on a weekend ,now our revenues are cut short by 40% " says Sanjeev from Great Bombay Circus. The last time we checked on their website, GBC were stranded at Mannargudi,Tamil Nadu. Great Bombay Circus is the oldest circus of our country and it has been entertaining the audience for almost a century.Today, it remains to be seen how long it can survive.

Pradeep Kumar,The Hindu wrote this on his article on 9th January 2020 and this is the latest bit of news we have on the existence of Great Bombay Circus :

"GBC - the oldest circus company in India - may indeed be on its last legs,and it is ironic that this is happening in its 100th year of existence."

The circuses endured huge losses during the pandemic. The owners of the circus companies had hands on their heads as there was no incoming revenue but through crowdfunding, the cause for supporting circus artists managed to get 1 crores in the form of donations that helped everybody.

Superstars of B-Town had great interest in this topic as well. There were many movies made like the superhit movie Mera Naam Joker etc. Such was the impact of circuses in India and around the world.

" The downfall started from 2013 " says KM Sanjeev , the current owner of the Great Bombay Circus. 2020 was the centenary year for GBC , its quite the shame that the circus might have had to shut up shop when its age hit a century. Without the guarantee of a stable income , people related to circuses are drifting away in search of jobs that would help them run their families and take care of whatever little needs they have of their own.

Artists who choose to take circus as their line of occupation , have to decide very early and have to drop studies and join the circus permanently. Tulsidas Chowdhury , a native of Bihar , joined the circus when he was only in Class VI. He went against his parent's wishes for this course of action. He is three and a half feet tall and his love for circuses made him fall for this adventure.

As India went into lockdown on the 24th of March , the performers ran out of food and money very quickly.

Owner of the Olympic circus in West Bengal , Chandranath Banerjee had to close his circus. He made an appeal to his performers to go home and promised them that he would call them back if there are better days ahead. " They cried, " he said. " We need people to come and see the shows. With isolation as the new norm, we had to stop."

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