Happy International Women's Day 2022

1. Appreciate her Beauty

A woman is the most beautiful and unique creation of God with a heart full of love and affection. But they have often been abused for their outer look, which is the most unfortunate thing ever. When she ties that knot on your wrist, shower her with compliments and let her know that life would not have been beautiful without a heart as beautiful as hers.

2. Encourage her to fight for her right

In this Rakhi festival, if you desire to give the best rakhi gift to your beloved sister, then let her know that she is the most influential person. She is not so-called Abla Naari, who does not have any idea about her rights. Being her brother, you must protect her and encourage her to fight her own battle. Make her a leader and ignite the spark to make her believe she can powerfully fight for her own goals. Words can do the magic!! Take a long walk and listen to what she dreams for and pour some words of encouragement.

3. Gift her Love and Care

Gifts are another great way to express your love and care for your sister or the women in your life. In her life, you would have given her lots of costly gifts that she likes, but the best thing one can gift her is respect, trust, love, affection, and care. Treat her like a princess, and I am sure they would shower their love to you. If your girl is on periods, you can do some household work for her; she would appreciate it. Show her your love and that side of you that she has never seen before. Make their day special with flowers and cakes.

4. Be a backbone to get dreams

There is still a large portion of the world where women and their dreams are not considered as important as men. You can be a small but significant support system in your sister’s endeavors! On this, Raksha Bandhan promises her that you will stand by her in making her dreams come true, no matter what. This is the most fantastic gift she would have ever received in her lifetime.

5. Let her know that she is Versatile

A woman is dragged to stand at the back every time she tried talking about her qualities. If your sister loves to sing, support her in that; if she wants to go interstate to pursue higher education, be her backbone. And, what can be a more precious gift for your sister on Raksha Bandhan than giving her the freedom to talk about the infinite qualities. Tell her that the qualities she is born with can earn her huge respect!

6. Remove misogyny

Women’s empowerment seems senseless until and unless women do not rise for themselves; I think most of the time, a woman accepts that she is born for being mistreated, and hence nothing can be done. Women readily accept the fact that Men are way superior to them and they are inferior. But get your mind out of all these misconceptions, give your girl an opportunity to step outside, and she will make you feel proud everywhere.

7. Thank her

You would never know how much you mean to your sister, mother, wife, or any woman in your life. They have been continuously working to make your life happier and stress-free. So, you can say a few words to thank her, appreciate all of them for caring for you, helping you, loving you, and appreciate your friend for supporting you in your hard times.

Characteristics of Women Empowerment:

Women Empowerment is giving power/ability to all women. It is making all women better off. And it enables a greater degree of self-confidence and a sense of independence among women.

Women Empowerment is a process of acquiring power for women to understand their rights and perform their responsibilities towards themselves and others in a most effective way. It gives the capacity to resist discrimination imposed by the male-dominated society.

Women Empowerment enables women to organize themselves, increase their self-reliance, and provides greater autonomy.

Women empowerment means women’s control over material assets, intellectual resources, and ideology. It challenges traditional power equations and relations.

Hey Aurat tm Jagdamba, Hey Aurat tm Janni Ho

Tm Paani Si Sheetal, Aur tm hi Kathor Agni Ho,

Tm hi Ghar ki Laxmi, aur tm hi Ghar ka Maan Ho,

Tm Sneh Ki Devi, aur tm hi Kaali ka Vardaan Ho,

Tm Mamta ki Murat, Karti Nav Nirmaan Ho,

Hey Aurat tm Dhanya ho, Hey Aurat tm Mahaan Ho.

Final Verdict:

Empowerment can be defined in many ways. Like, whenever we talk about women’s empowerment, it basically means accepting and allowing women to grow and legitimize themselves in all life prospects. Free her from a load of maintaining that tag of a good character woman, and that can be the perfect gift for your sister. Gift her joy of empowerment and freedom, let her know that she is as essential to the world as her male counterpart. There are also other online Rakhi, Rakhi gifts, and return gifts that will make your sibling's day memorable. So, Spread love, and make them feel special.

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