None of us are same. We all are different and we all are unique. We all have different thoughts on any same or different topics. Hence, we all have our own thoughts regarding love as well. We all describe it in our own way.

We live in 21st century, you already know that, but we still do find people who keeps judging someone else’s thoughts and the thought process. I am not talking about the people who belongs to the old generation, am talking about the people of the very recent generation who are the future of the world. People still believe that loving someone who belongs to the same gender is a sin. They still feel this is against nature. If this thing is against nature then how is this thing even existing, can this people answer the question?

Something that is against nature cannot exist in the nature itself.

God made this nature, god made every one of us. While making us, god included certain ingredients like emotions, feelings, etc. but god never said to love only some specific things or living beings. God gave us a heart so that we can love anyone and everyone in this beautiful world. The god who created us, never judged us. God never said don’t love the ones who are the same gender as yours.

If the creator, the one who made us didn’t stop us to love the ones who we want to, then why the people still believe that it’s a sin.

Which one is a sin and which one is not? Are we the ones who is supposed to decide that? No. right!!

When god doesn’t judge us on any such matter, why are we judging each other? Now it’s high time, if you are a homophobic person, take some time out and think on it. Think about the creator. Have a conversation with your own-self regarding it. Later on, when you will understand the whole thing, do thank yourself that you successfully came out of that negative world. You don’t have to feel bad about the past then, it’s completely fine, if you misunderstood something, you are a human being too, and you can make mistakes. But you corrected it, understood the right thing, that is what matters the most.

Remember one thing, Being a human our first thing is to show humanity.

Now, the people who knows to respects the people who belongs to the LGBTQ community, I want to thank them, because of you people they are comfortable about their choices. Keep staying beside.

Something for the reader,

Whoever you are, whatever your choices are, please, keep being you, keep taking care of your emotions, feelings. Remember one thing, even if everyone goes against you, god is always their beside you. If you are loving someone of the the same gender as yours, it’s completely fine, it’s not a sin. So, don’t worry.

Love whoever you want to. :)

On that note, I wish each and everyone HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! And please be happy about your own-self.

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