How to become a Rockstar- 8 major tips

Ever dreamt being in front of thousands of people including your fans, friends and family? Here are 8 major steps if you're willing to become the Rockstar you have always wanted to be.

1) Practice Practice and Practice- Trust me you are going places if you get used to these 3 magical words. This is the very first step to get known to people. Just remember you don't need to be better from the others. You just need to be best at what you do in your own way. Know your flaws ask your teacher work on them and keep an analysis of your improvement. 2) Listen to a lot of music- And I mean A LOTT! Listen to different genres, musicians, artists, the more you listen the more ideas you get therefore making your own music more unique and catchy. After that you can choose which rock genre/genres you would like to continue with.

3) Look/personality- Here comes the fun part. So you want that killer look? You gotta experiment with yourself. To be a rockstar you gotta look like one. Get a nice haircut hit the gym take care of your body maintain a good diet. Keep a personality which fits better with you but be kind to everyone around. It's better to let the aggression be on the sheets.

4)Live Shows- This has to be one of the most important part of your musical journey. The more live gigs you do the better you know the audience. Rockstars don't just sing play and leave do they? They interact with the audience, have fun and keep everyone energised. Show movements wave at strangers, stand, sway, be present. If you feel what you play you will be noticed. The only way to know your stage presence is to be on one and practice it off stage to do even better. 5) Publish your music- This is an era of prodigious social media. You can Create your own music and share your works in a wide variety of platforms available online. And if lucky you may get signed into a label. The focus here is to keep making music, write and record whenever something pos up in your head. Sometimes best of melodies are first recorded in a normal phone recorder. 6) Love over fame- If fame is the only thing you are chasing after, I want you to think again. Your love for music shouldn't be compromised with anything. Only if you love the music you will make time for it, practice it, think of it and then comes the rest of the part. But it all begins with the love and affection which led you upto this. 7)Make a stern Decision- Make the decision of your life. Is it music that you want to choose as a career or are you willing to persue something else? You have to choose one because this field needs a lot of your time, hard work, dedication and consistency. So make the choice wisely. 8) Believe in yourself

Everything comes with time. Your opportunity is in the waiting list only if you be patient and never give up.There surely will be ups and downs but if you can cross all of them a better future awaits for you my friend. All you gotta do is to believe in yourself. Remember, Music industry is known for its 'tough to get' background. To be a mega sensation you have to negotiate with sacrifices, dedication, devotion and an undying spirit. It's not easy yet it's not impossible. It all depends on you, your choices, and your mindset. But trust me it will be one hell of a journey the moment you start. Best of Luck!

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