How to become a better writer: sharing from my little tour through the lane of words.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Readers are satisfied only when they get that visualised story and words filled with vibes. Often we read books or quotes which actually mean to us but we were unable to express them before, a sort of relief we feel when we get the exact word we were searching for.

Well, that's the appreciation for a writer when the reader loves each and every word of work and can feel the story or the narration.

The writer's journey starts may be with the unexpected emotion and mix of words just to feel relief while inking it on paper or passionately. A writer writes the way he or she feels it, and that only attracts the most. Different writers have different thoughts and different motives. That's one of the reasons readers love to read and know more and gather knowledge. And it is also one of the important tips for how to become good writers.

The way you want to express your feelings, you just need to know the exact emotion which is easy to grab and felt by the readers. Daily writing keeps us helping in improving our write-up.

Reading books, any articles or any newspapers or anything you would like to read will also help to acquire to know how to attract the reader and how to write better. Reading psychology helps to understand what the readers want. The more you read you will understand the different types of writing, you will get to learn a new way of expressing your thoughts, you will learn new words too.

The more you write, the better you get. It's not always necessary to write tough big words, but yeah you need to use strong verbs. Writing in simple catchy words attracts the most. Firstly try to write what you want to read, about any topic which you love. If you write something in someone else's view and after a few days you may not like it. You write in a simple way but elegantly with catchy words in it, satisfy yourself first.

Give yourself homework everyday to finish up your writing in a given time and within limited words. Maybe on the first day you can't complete it but slowly after days of practice you definitely can.

Whenever you write something and try to focus on your way of expression, you need to think about what actually satisfy you first. And whatever you write makes sure you show it but not just tell.

Getting the image of the story or anything you write is the actual ultimate satisfaction.

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