How to become a vocalist ?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Learn. Practice. Perform.

• Be self-confident and believe in yourself.

" Before you win the match on the pitch , you win it in your mind. "

You have to be sure about what you have to do and let people thing whatever they want to thing and let them say whatever they want to say. You have to prepare yourself for everything and take up challenges and believe in yourself that you can turn your pain into power.

• Build levels to your singing

You don't need to be the best to get the job but it surely adds to your value.

Take proper singing lessons and concentrate on your class and give your best to your tutor. Your tutor , seeing your dedication , might also help you to take your first steps into the professional world.

• Engage with the best teacher - Internet

There's everything available on the internet if you have the right will to learn. Singing is one of them. The best teachers are available with online courses , paid or unpaid or YouTube, for interested people to learn.

• Learn to play an instrument

Learning vocals is the primary thing to do, as per your interest. However , singing while playing your instrument is an attractive thing. Learning an instrument would help you think as a musician , which is very important as the music is as important as the voice. A perfect balance between your vocals and your instrument will unlock numerous possibilities.

Think of it in this way, if you can think 100 things as a vocalist then you can think another 100 things as a musician . Now you can think 200 new things as a musician. Plus, learning an instrument will help you understand rhythm , tempo , scales and etc.

• to read and write music

Practical aspect of music is ,ofcourse , the most important thing in music but getting proper education in the terms of reading and writing , will qualify you as an educated musician , in that form. You will be able write what is in your mind and later revert back to it in the time of practice.

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