How to do Travel Photography?

If we want to know how to do travel photography, first of all we have to know what is travel photography? As we can see there are two different words are present here, one is travel & another one is photography. So, these two things are the basic elements or the base of travel photography. In other words, if we relate travel photography to a human body, one element would be a heart & another one would be a brain of a human. Travel photography is a part of photographic genre which includes all the details of a particular place & its people, culture, history.

Now, let’s see how we do travel photography? What are the things we need to do this kind of photography? There are two basic elements -1) Travel & 2) Photography. So to do travel, we must have the travel ticket or may be the travel permission of that respective place. On the other hand we must need a camera to do photography. Therefore, the other things that will help in travel photography are as follow as:

a) A proper plan– We have to set a goal where we want to visit & how we visit that place .So first of all we have to gather all the information of that place like what transport system is present there , what documents we need to go there ,everything. So, there should be a proper plan before make any visit to that place.

b) Basics of photography- Don't need to become a professional but need to know the basics of a camera & its functions. Three basics things should be known -1) Exposure 2) Shutter speed 3) Aperture to do photography. Travel photography is invalid if a person does not how to capture the moments of their travel period. So, for that basics are important.

c) Communication- A person should communicate with people of that visiting place because they are the one who know the place & its history very well. Therefore, local people will help visitors from other external problems. So, without local people it will be a very difficult job to gather information about place & to do travel peacefully.

So, these are some of the main things, a person should know before start a travel photography. After starting it, a person will automatically know what he/she need for this genre of photography as the time flows.

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