How to overcome anxiety

Anxiety is a very common problem in a lot of people now-a-days many people fight this through medication, consulting their physicians and going to doctors yet there is a huge population of people who just does not just treat anxiety as a disease anxiety does not mean that you are mental disturbed. In Indian society anxiety is treated as a mental disorder many people does not want to to go to a physician or doctor also it with people thinking that they might end up calling them crazy or insane or mentally disturbed people which is a complete wrong assumption about anxiety. Nowadays mental health is equally important as of physical health. Anxiety is a serious problem which can be treated and can be cured. There are a lot of ways in which and it can be treated few of the most common ways to cure anxiety is through •medication •one can go to a doctor And at times and it does not need medication it sometimes needs the right person to say to share your problems with. Mental health can be treated through talking and sharing your problems, one of the best person for that is a psychologist. A psychologist can solve mental health problems through medical terms but not by giving medicines. The confined a cure by talking to you and bringing up stuff that are bringing and variety to yourself they might recommend a person suffering from anxiety to write a journal so that the things the ideas the thoughts the feelings and expressions and reactions which one cannot say to their family or anyone else he or she could write it down and feel good about it. A psychologist may prefer a person whose suffering through anxiety to do the following things •writing a journal •painting •engaging yourself in activity that can distract you. •to share your feelings and thoughts with the person whom you trust and love a person who cares about you can really help a person overcome anxiety very quick and it is not a problem that is needed to be treated through medicines.talking to the people whom you love can really help one overcome the anxiety people suffering from anxiety really lacks a person that can sit and listen to their problems and why it is not always needs a solution it is often just by sharing your problems facing your problems are writing down your problems. anxiety can be treated and can be cured so anyone should not be hiding their anxiety because of the thought of what people might say.

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