I didn't quit, it was the time that did.

No, I was not the perfect one to wrap you in my arms. No, I probably was not the perfect one to call myself " your's". I agree, I was not the one sitting next to you in the cold breezy nights, cuddling you inside the same blanket, which is left at a corner. No, my breathe wasn't warm to feel the essence of your soft lips touching that of mine with a story to tell. I agree I was not the perfect one to open the straps of your bra, to feel you, to know you.See you blame it on timing, circumstances or other people. But have you ever wondered if you expected too much too soon? You meet someone you like and just because they make you feel a little less alone or watch the same tv shows as you do, you think they are your soulmates. You jump without looking, hoping that they'll catch you when the other person might not even be ready. But you forget that every human being you are going to meet and fall in love with will be different, with a unique set of eyes and fingerprints and memories and mindset... and they will change you, much the same way as every stage of your life demands a different version of yourself.

See, I don't want you to fall in love. Falling is what usually leaves you broken. I want you to walk into it, sober as fuck, with all your senses wide awake... because when it comes to love and the perfect timing, there is no alarm clock waking you up. There is just that gut feeling which has nothing to do with butterflies. It's that calm, matter of fact realisation when it's a monotonous Monday and she's sitting beside you on a park bench, looking like she travelled halfway across the city to meet you coz she did, bitching about that one asshole for the 109th time and you simply sit there smiling, watching her throwing her arms around like a clown and you can't help but wonder how you want to kiss her even if it's for the 1000th time, or how you can keep hearing this banter for the rest of your life and never get tired of it...

That's how you know. That's when you look into her eyes and tell her you love her.

Then kiss her, ofcourse, as she smiles.

Capture credits : Akash Dutta

Noted and quoted : Ankita Mukherjee

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