Kolkata Rewind 2020

Today we are now at the ending point of the year 2020, this year is a hectic for everyone. So, now lets see what our Tilottama Kolkata has gone through this year,

Kolkata has got her first confirmed covid-19 case on 15th march,2020. After broadcasting this in news, people got scared by thinking now how they stay safe from this unknown virus. At that time, Govt. Of Bengal called the first lockdown till 31st march to overcome the spread of the virus. This is the time when after so many years, Kolkata faced a lockdown.

When Kolkata was fighting to the rising cases of covid-19, that time a cyclone made its landfall to the city of love. On may 20th , a cyclone named Amphan hit Kolkata at about 6:30 p.m. with a speed of around 155-165 km/hr. On the next day, people see a different phase of Kolkata which is totally unknown to them. Every single portion of the city was destroyed by this devastated storm.

On 30thjuly, Govt. Called for a third phase of lockdown for rising issues of covid-19 cases. As of that time Kolkata has 37 & Howrah has 91 containment zones. People locked themselves in the room, no relatives, no friends , no jobs & for some people no availability of food. Oh God , what a time people have gone through. A time that people doesn’t even thought in their worst nightmares. It feels like everything stops for a while.

If we talk about Kolkata, we have to talk over Durga Pujo. So, in all these hectic situation people of Bengal was eagerly waiting for their greatest festival Durga Pujo. But for the increasing covid-19 cases, High court gave a guideline on pandal hopping. The guideline says that visitors can’t enter in the pandal, they have to visit the pandal from outside.

After all these incident, Kolkata is still beautiful that’s why it is called Tilottama(A mythical apsara).

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