MaTepÑHçTBó: heaven lies under the feet of your mother

You always seem to know what's wrong, before i have to say You seem to know what's on my mind,or if I'm down that day I never have to ask for help, you're always there to guide me, If at times i need support, you're always right beside me. You've been my rock throughout my life, wanting nothing in return, you've made me who I'm today, helping me to grow and learn. Thank you will never be enough for everything you've done You're my friend,my counselor,my guardian angel,but most importantly.... My mum

Maa the first word that a child mumbles probably because the connect is so divine and deep within; The word "Maa" itself steers so many emotions within.

Being a mother comes with it's own kind of challenges. You carry the weight of society's standards of what is wrong and what's right. Then,if those standards aren't met you; somehow you feel like less of a mother.

But Why? Why can't a mother never be a single parent?

Why can't bottle feeding your newborn be okay?

Why can't breast feeding your toddle be okay?

Why single women can't avail surrogacy freely?.... The list goes on and opinions or unsolicited advices never seem to end.

Normalising all forms of motherhood should be celebrated. It's damn hard caring for a tiny human and there isn't a one size fits all rule.

The word "Maa" to me meant the universe,a relationship which I derive strength from even today.

I'm rich in love

I'm rich in cuddles

I'm rich in gummy smiles What are you rich in?

Down memory lane I asked my maa this exact question and her response was "I'm rich in patience with you."

The first person on my caller list in the morning is my maa and just before sleeping the last person i call is again she. Talking to her everyday has become my requirement. Our weekend started with a long walk in Esplanade or swinging in the park and a streetside vendor for momo. Sometimes the simplest pleasure are all we need in life.

Maa would always say " you will know the importance of mother when you will become a mother". Among many,This is probably the most favorite mommy dialogue, which probably prove to be true.

Teenage is the time when people thought they know more than their parents, when back-answering is probably a smarter choice, when most of all think homemade food is crap,and they think that disobeying behaviour towards their parents looks cooler infront of their friends.

To all the teenagers out there i just want to tell you that this is probably the fault of your age and the time, i don't blame you completely. But when you're going to say something bad towards your mom or parents just think back once and if you realise the fact and if you find yourself wrong then don't hesitate to hug them and say sorry, Afterall they don't judge. :)

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