Momo and adda

Momo N Adda :- Situated at 25, Bidhanpally, Kolkata-700084. Opposite Gitanjali metro station.

They serve Chinese, Tibetan and momos at affordable rates.

Their ambience is warm and welcoming with cute seating arrangement.

Must try items in veg :

• Veg Steamed Momos (6 pcs)

• Veg Pan Fried Momos(6 pics)

• Crispy Veg Momos(6 pcs)

Steamed moms was my favourite. It was perfectly steamed and tasted best with the 3 kinds of sauces they served.

Pan fried momos were really juicy. It had a perfect balance of spices

Crispy veg momos were crispy enough without being too oily.

Overall it was a great experience. The quantity and quality both were fairly good. Had a great experience. Would love to try again!

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