|| You all grow me numb… Ow, my heart? It’s already grum… || You all make me fall apart, turn me stoic.. Having pride in yourselves after all these, is not at all heroic.. Sometimes, it’s not any foreign flesh that smashes the rhythm of the core of a seed, rather it’s the seed coat that shudders and collapses making the pulpy kernel of the seed prone to insects. Broken fantasies clinging to the death bed of an exhausted soul by a thin strip of pliant tissue while she rushes to the monstrous shabby window to breathe some fresh air of the blessed nature where she sees many happy and tattered angels playing around… She was crippled. She could not jump out to reach them to share some friendly bonding. She was crippled.. crippled by ruthless words, handcuffed with stereotyped responsibilities, heavier than some iron chains.. She waved at those little angels of peaceful love with her small fleshy hand with stains of blood, pricked with thorns of dispute among her own ones dwelling in the hell, and a pain stricken smile arched on her face.. they waved back and called her down.. when she pretended to be deaf and crawled back to the corner of her traumatized tunnel, walls coated with horrification. Her somnolent eyes crave for an eternal sleep when two glowing fireflies buzz by her ears, turning her sudden hopeful smile into a malcontented paleness after they turn out into glowing eyes of two fierceful hyenas. ||However, she’s nothing.. but totally numbed.

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