Updated: Jun 3, 2021

If you ask me about winters, I will just say ,wake up early in the morning and go and sit beside the window of your bedroom and take a cup of hot tea along with you wrapped up in a soft cozy blanket making you feel warm, if you like reading then take up a book also. Sometimes when there will be strong breezes, you will shake a bit, but you will be all fine in just a minute.

The early morning birds have an amazing role to play. There chirps makes the soft, foggy and calm environment into a joyous one. It seems like they want to convey that even if it is winter we should not be lazy, we should at least complete our own duties.

When the sweeper comes to clean the roads, filled with dry tree leaves ,even he/she knows that the roads look gorgeous with it but, our day to day life activities doesn’t allow that to happen.

I don’t know why, but I love the effect when my mom cooks something really amazing and the whole house is filled with its smell. And it is a season where we are supposed to eat hot foods.

Picnics are one of the most important things in winter. When I was younger, once I went with my family and family friends for picnic and did a very awkward thing. I mean, we all went for boating but I was crying like anything. I exactly sat in the middle seat of the boat ,quiet safe ,my dad was holding my hand cause I was really scared .But I am not someone who is scared of water ,still I was so scared that day.

It is a great season for creating new memories.

Altogether if you notice, that, it’s not just a season, its effects on the environment makes the environment heaven-like. Even after so many reasons to get attracted to it, don't you think that you and I, love this season.

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