Santa is coming to the streets of Kolkata

It's Christmas in Kolkata!

You see, when it comes to celebrations, Indians never disappoint. From the explosive Diwali to drunken debauchery of Holi, when a party is in order, Indians take the metaphorical bull by the horns and celebrate in style.

Christmas in Kolkata is no exception.

Every inch of the Anglo-Indian Barracks neighborhood of Kolkata is smothered in Christmas.

The holiday originated in a religious and more family oriented form. Thanks to it's history as the capital of the British Raj and concerted efforts by Christian missionaries– Mother Teresa being the most famous example–Kolkata is home to a notable Bengali Christian population.

But that's not to say that Christmas in Kolkata is a predominantly Christian affair.

The Strands of light weave and appropriately red walls of the brick houses are lined with Christmas banners and decor in Kolkata.

If you visit Parkstreet in that Christmas Eve you may notice Women in sparking saree's usher tiny children bundled in puffy winter clothes through the crowd. Girls in LED devil horns take selfies in front of a tall Christmas tree. Dozens of people armed with massive cameras and lenses stalk the crowd on a photographic holiday hunt.

It is madness, it is chaos, it is Indian.

Welcome to Christmas in Kolkata

- Pragya Priyanka Das

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