Smile At Your Own Self :)

We all know that it’s been over a year now that the whole world is not in its normal state. School students didn’t go to school, college students didn’t go to colleges, offices are not the same etc. Life didn’t stay the normal it was.

Now, we all sit in our homes and do our works, studies online. Even chatting with friends online is a much more big deal and the only way to contact now.

Sometimes it definitely feels weird that we didn’t meet our friends for so long whereas we used to meet them almost every day. I wonder sometimes, classrooms, blackboards, school bell etc. are also staying alone in the school just like us. Who knows, maybe they are also wondering, what’s going on? Why aren’t there anyone? Maybe they are also waiting for the students just like the students are waiting for the things to get normal. And the office desks, maybe in the afternoon, they are also feeling bored because they don’t have anyone to work on them now. Yeah I know that they are all non-living things, still!

This time period is really hard to stay in but don’t worry one day things will become normal again.

But, this time also gave us a lot of positive things too. We got to do a lot of new and interesting things like we developed different kind of hobbies. In between all this chaos and pandemic, we got time to spend with our own selves, isn’t that amazing? Previously we didn’t have time to finish our works but now we do have time to spend with our family even.

Maybe, we got time to understand ourselves and know what we are and what we want.

How are you?

Are you happy about yourself?

Are you ok?

These are quiet simple questions, isn’t it? But these questions have great values, right!! Now, answer this questions to your own self.

If you are not happy, please do things that make you happy. Do have a conversation with yourself, take out some time and make yourself happy.

At times you may sit alone and wonder about old memories . Yeah, it may water your eyes a bit, but you already know that they are your happy tears. Just right then, also thank yourself because you came through a long way in your life and you made so many memories.

And remember one thing that you are never gonna be alone cause the people who love you, they are always loving you. They are connected to you through your heart ,even if they are physically far away.

The storm that trapped us in, will calm down and get over one day. You will definitely get to see a bright morning. Till then we all need to wait.

Just when things will become normal, the things we are doing now will be memories then. Isn’t it fun to think about it?




I know that the time is hard but one day things will be fine. :)

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