“Social Media Influencer” - A fancy Term? Well ..not anymore!

I still remember my school days when I was castigated for just getting passing marks in Maths but had always managed to pass in English with flying colors throughout my academic career.

Like typical Indian middle-class kids, the very thought that I would land up as a ‘Chaiwallah’ for not being good in Maths&Science was fed in my brains as well! Haha!

Years, have passed, English-The Language still remains my passion, my means of articulation, my weapon to protest, my Emotion to express and maybe even beyond ...! I have chosen to become a Media Influencer using the same language as cynosure!

This segment is about certain rudiments on how to make it count as a “Media Influencer”. Fundamental pointers would be:

Ø Choose your area of Interest and work on it

Decide on becoming an Influencer on a field that already interests you, so that the groundwork is already set & less Homework takes you there!

Ø Select the appropriate Media/Platform

Be aware of your niche in any of the social and media platforms & choose the one you are most comfortable with. Ex: LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Ø Learn, learn and learn

Know what you are selling/influencing and keep fortifying your knowledge everyday. Keep yourself on the toes and updated.

Ø Focus on your Target audience:

This profile calls for a detailed survey/scrutiny on the Audience base for the product/field you have chosen to influence and captivate their attention.

Ø Choose Power words:

Choose the appropriate language (flowery/millennial) based on your Audience traits like age-group, geographical location etc. & make use of good keywords to make the write-up noteworthy!

Ø Presentation Matters:

Even bland soup tastes better when served in an intricately carved bone china bowl !

The same applies for the content being served on the Media as well! We have to use eye-catchy, freshly brewed ideas and techniques to make our content an eye-candy floating on the Internet!

Ø More Networking for the good

Did your Parents tell you that too much of hanging around with people and friends is time turned futile? Well, not true if you are a Media Influencer!

Here the more you socialize on those coffee tables or at the bar counter, your circle grows, your exposure widens and who knows? Even your Fan/Follower base as well!!

Ø Personal Blogs and Website:

As one matures in the role, having a personal website, FB public page etc. is like adding a feather onto the cap! The website should be as much phenomenal as possible and closely relatable to one’s penname.

Needless to say, gone are those days when the Advertisement Agencies had to quote in crores for coaxing a B-Town celebrity to endorse a product or even a concept!

With the boom of Social Media- anyone can crave, fantasize, be wistful about becoming an Influencer & make it a reality. Media Influencing has brought in a wave of change and The Change is here to reverberate & multiply in the coming years!

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