The picture portrays the purest bond of the universe,the purest form of love,a mother and her child

The picture portrays that a child is always beautiful and the ultimate hero in their mother's sight..Maa the one who always supports her child without bothering of the situation,the one who always supports and protects her child..


Maa you always protect me,

You always support me..

Yes you scold me but at the same time,you are the one who embrace and feeds me,whenever I am off and never lets me sleep hungry..

Even after I shout at you,

You never let me sleep hungry..

You tolerate all my stupid stuffs be it my mood swings or my unfolded shirts..

Words are not enough Maa

To describe you the..epistomy of love..

You are my support system,you are my luck,

you are my power and my love..

A big salute to all the mothers for always being there and always finding beauty in us..🙏❤️

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