Top 3 offbeat places to visit near Kolkata

There is no doubt that Kolkata is a beautiful city and the best part is that there are many offbeat weekend destinations near Kolkata. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to weekend getaways from Kolkata. You can visit the mountains, the rural villages, beaches or the forests to simply relax and spend quality time with your family. So we have decided to collate a list of some great offbeat weekend destinations from Kolkata for you.

These days with more work pressure, lesser family time and stress, it becomes difficult to strike a balance between work and travel. It is best to use the weekends to this cause and plan a short getaway to the place of your choice. You come back rejuvenated for the next week.

The most visited weekend getaways near Kolkata are undoubtedly Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Shantiniketan and the beaches of Puri, Digha and Mandarmani. I am sure all the Bengalis are very familiar with the term Di-Pu-Da. In this list, we are excluding these better-known places.


Mountains, mist and pristine nature – that is what Bagora is. A beautiful hamlet tucked at an altitude of 7150 ft above the sea level, Bagora is a place where you can simply relax and rejuvenate. The mountains are there for your eyes only and the carpet of green grass is to soothe your souls. Here no one is in a hurry and you too can enjoy this slow pace. You can simply walk down the village and explore the place in your own ways.

Distance from Kolkata: 600 km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

How to reach: From Siliguri / NJP, take a shared sumo towards Darjeeling. Get down at Dilaram. From there you have to take a car to Bagora.

Things to do: Visit the Zero Point, walk through the village, bird watching. There are several trek routes from Bagora to Chimeni (4 km), Latpanchar (19 km), Mongpu (12 km) or Chatakpur (8 km).

Nearby places: Chimeni, Chatakpur, Dilaram

Rangeet Majuwa, North Bengal

Yet untouched by the maddening rush of crowds, Majuwa is a picturesque hamlet near Maneybhanjan. Mountain views, chirping birds and Shaujikhola, the mountain river flowing through the village makes the place ideal for a weekend trip. Simply laze around Rangeet Majuwa and spend your time idyllic bliss.

Distance from Kolkata: 660 km

Best time to visit: Any time of the year except monsoon.

How to reach: Take a shared car from Siliguri/NJP and reach Ghoom and then Manebhanjan. From Manebhanjan, 4-wheel vehicle is required to go to RangeetMajuwa.The distance is only 5 km, but due to the road condition it takes almost 30-40 minutes to reach.

Things to do: Enjoy nature, birdwatching and village walks

Nearby places: Maneybhanjan, Darjeeling

Singi, Barddhaman

Singi or Singee is a serene village getaway, not very far from Kolkata. This quaint Bengal village is one of the best places to spend a weekend. Singi is known not only for its tranquil beauty but also for its rich history. It is believed that Maharaj Singheswar had settled here and named the place Singhapur. Singee is also the birthplace of Kashiram Das, the translator of Mahabharata in Bengali.

Singee epitomizes everything that you are reminded of when talking about Bengal village. Green paddy fields are seen all around and the beautiful Brahmani rover flows through the village. The air here is crisp and unpolluted. Spending a couple of days here is going to be an exhilarating experience. There are a few terracotta temples in Singee. You can visit the birthplace of Kashiram Das and the library named after him. If not anything, simply strolling around the village is going to be a rewarding experience. But the best part of Singee is going to be your stay at Shantiniketan Homestay. Not only their hospitality is amazing, but also the food served. And for the gourmet Bengalis, what can be better than good food?

Distance from Kolkata: 134 km

Best time to visit: All through the year

How to reach: From Howrah, board any train towards Katwa. From Katwa, you can take an auto, van or hire a car to Singi.

Things to do: Walk along the village, visit the birthplace of Kashiram das, terracotta temples and the nearby village of Sribati.

Nearby places: Nabadwip, Purbasthali

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