Top 4 Cloud Kitchens in Kolkata

Searching for a new taste, and wanna have a good time on a cozy vibe? Don't wait too much. go and have cloud kitchen food.

1. Pronto- Aah!! The barbecue chicken pizza, I can't forget it's taste. "PRONTO" is the reason I tasted every dish of it and made me fall in love with it.

2. Asia kitchen by mainland China- A good ambience gives peace to eat and make tummy happy. " Asia kitchen by mainland China " is one of the Chinese restaurants. You will not feel bored tasting the same dishes thrice.

3. JW marriott- Buffet to try? don't think much about taking a bus towards bypass, and the JW marriott is waiting to make you taste a variety of foods, not to regret but to eat more and fall in love with the food.

4. Chai break cafe & Bar- Soothing music with evening tea or hot chocolate, lovely!! Their decor over the place makes us not regret waiting for food to taste. night with a buffet ready to eat, and evening with the smell of books and tea, can't imagine. ambience makes me feel like that way. have to visit.

written by- Shilpi Biswas

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