Hello shutterbugs…. Today we are here with another most wanted photography content. Kolkata – The Capital of Bengal holds a lots of beauty in his every corner. Among them, most of them visited in the famous places like, Victoria Memorial, Zoo, Kumartuli etc. But there are many places remained unexplored. And today I’m going to talk about some of those unexplored places in Kolkata. Which will give you a great experience in the field of photography.

Nature Park : Among the unexplored places of Kolkata firstly I’ll like to talk about this place. This park is reserved by the Government of India, and situated in Taratala, Kolkata. If you are a nature photographer and wanna feel and explore the beauty of the nature then this is a great place for you. Though this park is not so famous, but you will surely find a different kind of beauty here.

Santragachi Lake : Hey are you are a wildlife or bird photographer, then Santragchi lake is highly recommended place for you. Where you can capture photos of lots of birds, specially in winter. This is a very beautiful place for photography which remains unexplored.

Terreti Bazar : So, if you are interested in street photography, then Terreti Market is the must visited place for you. The great place among the unexplored places of Kolkata is here. Here you can find a mixture of Chinese and Indians people, shoppers, eaters, and lots of testy Chinese foods. So this is also a great place for your food photography also.

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary : Another unexplored and most beautiful place which situated at South Kolkata, and near Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission. In this place you can take your photography to the next level. This unexplored place carries a lots with natural beauties like variety of birds, butterflies, ferns and the beautiful Orchids. So this is a highly recommended place for all the photographers.

Rail Museum : So, we all know about Howrah Station, But do you know about the Rail Museum. Yes this is another unexplored photography place in Kolkata. This place will give you a great pleasure of photography with the great display of the history and the heritage of railways in India, specially focused on Howrah Station. This beautiful but unexplored museum was established in 2006. The decoration of the park is very photogenic. So, this place is a must visited place if you are looking for unexplored places in Kolkata.

So, here are some information about the unexplored places in Kolkata. But as I said Kolkata carries beauties in his every corner. And many places are still unexplored. So, enjoy your day in Kolkata with this unexplored places, and explore them in front of the world through the skill of your photography. As nobody can show us the world’s beauty better than a photographer.

Source used : www.youtube.com

Picture Source : www.google.com

Article Written By – Samriddha Das

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